About – OLD Stirrlan pg

Stirrlan is a sheltered place since I will only discuss books that I enjoyed reading. Why? Because writing is a tough business. Negativity abounds. Authors spend countless hours honing their craft and skill. They share a part of their soul in their written pages, each word painstakingly chosen. Yet instead of offering constructive criticism, negative reviews with the only goal it seems of causing the author pain flourish in a web of anonymity. In this hallowed sanctuary, I choose to celebrate writers. So if I have a concern, I’ll share it in a positive light. Hopefully in the process, I’ll foster an environment where readers discover new possibilities, where friendships are created, and maybe where a book or two is bought commemorating an author’s work.

I choose the book. No one influences what I write. My words are my own. I take responsibility for them.

Strong. Focused. True.

TJ Shaw


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