Stirrlan – Old Stirrlan Home pg

Welcome! I’m so glad you made it. Firestorms on Dorrado can be very dangerous and I’m grateful you found your way to Stirrlan. These castle walls were built from a special stone that is exceptionally strong and resistant to storms created by the Earth Mother. So, please stay a while and warm yourself by the fire. Browse the hallways and if you enter the library, I hope you find something interesting.

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(click on cover to read an excerpt)CallerofLight_large


7 Responses to Stirrlan – Old Stirrlan Home pg

  1. Bonnie Pihlcrantz says:

    Love, love, love this book. The descriptions throughout created a visual feast for my mind. Forfeiting sleep in favor of finishing the story, I now feel sad it has ended. Hoping for a sequel……


    • TJ Shaw says:

      Thank you so much, Bonnie! I truly appreciate your kind words! Yes, one more book is planned. Carina and Marek have a Dark War to conquer, Crios to discover, a growing love to satiate, and a power to control. All the best to you!


  2. Charity Reeves says:

    I have already read and ‘re read The Caller of Light twice so far. I am so amazed by how beautiful a tale you have written. You have captured my heart and mind so well that I have to ask, will there be a next one? If so when?
    I read a book a day and chose yours by the awesome title, beautiful cover and arresting description. Not once in your story did I loose interest. From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down and finished it with in hours. I have many, many Favorite authors but have to honestly say you had made the top of my list. Thank you for such an awesome read!


    • TJ Shaw says:

      Hi Charity!

      Thank you for your kind words! I wrote CALLER as a dedication to my mom who died of ovarian cancer, so your wonderful comments mean a lot to me! I do plan on one more book to finish Carina and Marek’s journey, but since I’m in the middle of writing another high fantasy novel, the sequel to CALLER won’t be out for a while. Thank you for reminding me just how much I love Carina and Marek. All the best! TJ


  3. Jane Denton says:

    Thank you for writing such a fantastic book. I fell in love with Dorrado, Castle Stirrlan, Marek & Carina, Caden & the Tiwans, & of course the Critons. I had to finish the book once I started it. I purchased it in e-book format for my Kindle, but I must also have it as a book for a “Keeper author”. I look forward to a sequel but I also can hardly wait to see what other far off places your vivid imagination can take me. Keep Writing! Please!


    • TJ Shaw says:

      Hi Jane! Thank you! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Dorrado so much! I love Carina and Marek and will definitely finish their story…I just need to get this other high fantasy romance done first! 🙂

      Thanks again, for making my day! I wish you the very best! TJ.


  4. Sally says:

    I have an issue where I try a whole bunch of sample books on amazons kindle. Your book happened to be one I came across. Typically I read through the entire sample and I may or may not decide to buy it. I read a chapter of caller of the light, and didn’t even finish my free sample before I decided I had to read it all. Your book captivated me. You were able to build a world that is so rich, and discriptive. I loved this world you created and I can not wait for your other works of art. Thank you.


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